Saturday, June 17, 2017

Thinking Tools in Education

College courtyard

Education is very important to our kids and to ourselves. It shapes our mind, our identity. Let us agree that we can improve our education system far better than what we have today. Educationist and teachers agree that our education system is slow and lack of tools for thinking. We being taught how to problem solve a mathematical questions, a geographical questions and a physics questions, but we don't have a dedicated class to train us to use generic tool on how to think. I am preparing Ahim for his school next year. Me and Iman have read list of articles on preschool education and education philosophy in general. We even conclude our own definition of education. But what is more interesting, during our reading, our quest to find the thinking tools, we knew about this trivium. A knowledge on how to train our intellect in the area of grammar, logic and rhetoric by asking what(who, when), why and how. I still in the process of understanding the subject and the exercises. Will share the progress but at least for now we have a basis on what kind of preschool that we should be looking for, definitely school that provide a curriculum or using pedagogy that enhance kids' thinking skills by encouragement of finding answer through the questions of what, why and how.

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