Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stereotyping as Seeds to Racism

What is common between stereotyping and racism, bigotry or any communal discrimination is, both are generalizing a behavior, traits or characteristic to a community. For example, all men can read map, all women cannot read map, urban people are logical, rural people are emotional, entrepreneurs are extrovert, engineers are introvert, Malays are lazy, Chinese are chauvinists, Indians are liars, Dayaks and Ibans are uncivilized. I would argue that stereotyping is the simplest form of racism. Racism, bigotry or any communal discrimination starts with a simple act of repetitive stereotyping and constant empowerment of hasty generalization. Muslims are terrorists, Christians and Jews hates the Muslims, Wahhabis haram everything, Sufis are pacifists, Shiites hates Sunnis, Sunnis hates Shiites. These are just some examples of how stereotyping will lead to hatred and discrimination towards a community. That's why, I would propose that as human and defender of humanity, we need to counter stereotyping. When someone starts to stereotype others, the first step we should do is to ridicule the ideas, make fun of them and show how nonsense the ideas are. Our simplest act can save others from this disease of stereotyping. Be rational, have a soul. Be human.

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