Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nusantara Architecture for Hot Climate

Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, Johor

Philosophy of architecture is part of the philosophy of art, beauty and taste, the aesthetic. In Malaysia, ISTAC is one of the beautifully artistic architecture that would amazed anyone who visit.

But artistic is just not enough. With the combination of Moorish, Spanish, Malay(not sure which part) and Roman architecture, ISTAC is not a style that represents Nusantara(Southeast Asia).

What I meant by Nusantara architecture, after observing vernacular architecture in the region, is an architecture which heavily factoring tropical climate in the design, considering hot and rainy season throughout the year. Steep layered roof, higher floor to ceiling, a lot of windows together with louvers and center air well, are among the features that could enhance natural ventilation-cooling and lighting, by not excessively rely on air-conditioner and lamps.

Regional architects should take the challenge to study in detail what is Nusantara architecture and implement the idea for "greener" design of buildings by not neglecting modern technology and style.

In my limited observation, Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, Gedung Sate of Bandung and Palasyo Malacanyang could be the closest majestic form of Nusantara architecture, that may require revival.

The need for Nusantara architecture is even more pressing in the region due to recent hotter climate.

I would like to invite more architects to advise on the matter.

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