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Education Definition by Observation, Knowledge and Projection

Peel one dot, one light enlightening one self

Searching for the right pre-school for Ahim, after glance through some schools, and pre-school philosophies, led me and Iman to a question of what is exactly an education? What is our definition of education?

If schooling is the education and not schooling is not education, then is the tools, skills and knowledge that we gained before schooling is not part of education?

That's why in the most generic sense, for me, at first, education is anything that build our character, as experimented by Ibnu Tufail on development of mind from child to adult in complete isolation from society through experience alone in his novel, Hayy Ibn Yaqzan.

However, by observing Ahim, we found out that he learn how to use his hands, tongue or vocal cords and feet to hold things, speak and crawling and walking by himself for himself, which basically can be synthesized into that the learning process or education is to liberate his body to become more independent day after day, which means to liberate him physically. 

Believing that human comprises of body, mind and soul, as explained by Alattas in his address on "The Concept of Education in Islam", we extrapolate the education definition to include element of spiritual and intellectual. Thus, education is a process of equipping human with necessities(eg. tools, knowledge, skills etc.) that liberates him physically, intellectually and spiritually. 

Then another question raised on what is the purpose of education? Realizing that every time we accomplish our tasks, whether it is acquiring new knowledge or gaining new skills, as simple as moving our hand from A to B according to our intention, the feeling that arouses is definitely not sad, but happy. 

By accumulating the happiness from all accomplishments from physical and intellectual, I project that the ultimate form of happiness could be achieve from spirituality when we achieve the truth. The truth in this sense is a spirituality conviction.

Thus, formulating at this time, based on finite observation, knowledge and projection, and probably less diligence, the definition of education should possibly concluded as:

The process of equipping human with necessities(eg. tools, knowledge, skills etc.) that liberates him physically, intellectually and spiritually, to achieve the happiness and the truth.

Which whenever an "education" caused people becoming not liberated physically, intellectually and spiritually, then it is not an education, it could be other thing, which some people might called it  just a training, which defined by Kant as different with education in terms of thinking, or even worse, indoctrination.

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1. Education definition by Ibnu Tufail, Alattas and Kant

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